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Courtesy of Essie Garret - www.essierun.orgPack animals are an excellent way to access and transport supplies to the secluded parts of the Colorado back country which are unavailable to vehicular traffic. Laughing Valley Ranch raises and trains donkeys and mules that are used throughout the state on pack hikes, burro races, and in hunting trips. Back country treks with a pack animal allow you to move at your own pace, while your animal companion handles the burden of your provisions.

Whether you blaze your own trail, or arrange for our expert guidance, you can guarantee a memorable and authentic wilderness adventure. Our expert assistance will show how to properly pack a donkey, balancing the weight it will carry, and how to maneuver and motivate Pack Burro and Mountain Manthe animals up steep mountain trails, across creeks, and along roadways. You will broaden your understanding of how to "listen" to the donkeys' needs, as they assist you in the wild. A pack trip into the backwoods is a unique symbiotic relationship between man and beast. Discover why in the old days of the trapping and trading, a steady burro was a mountain man's most trusted friend.

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